A news story circulating on social media claims that a popular beach weekend for Jeep lovers has been canceled and today we're looking into the story to verify it.

The annual "Go Topless" weekend is an event thousands of Jeep lovers take part in heading to Crystal Beach to have a relaxing weekend.

It's known as "Go Topless" weekend because drivers take the tops off their Jeeps and cruise the beach. 

But this year there's a story headlined "No Go Topless Weekend" from "Channel 24" claiming the May 20th event has been canceled due to large amounts of trash being left on the beach during the 2016 event.

However the event has NOT been canceled according to David Harris, owner of BoliverPeninsulaTexas.com.

Harris , who is working with event organizers "All Things Jeep," told 12News that if anyone wants information about the event all they need to do is visit the website.

Therefore, the "Channel 24" story about the canceled event is FALSE.

One thing to note when you look at the the website is on the right side of the screen, it clearly says "you've been pranked" and encourages readers to create their own false news story to trick their friends.

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