Several months ago Vidor Police chief Rod Carroll requested that  the Texas Department of Transportation lower the 75MPH speed limit along the interstate in Vidor.

TxDot responded citing a study that concluded that the speed limit did not need to be lowered.

When we posted a story on social media today about this issue several viewers commented saying that crashes have increased along IH10 in Vidor.

We looked into whether there have been more crashes in Vidor on Interstate 10 after the 2012 speed limit increases.

Using the TxDOT crash records information system tool available on the TxDOT website we compiled data for crashes on the interstate within Vidor City limits.

The number of crashes along Interstate 10 in Vidor have increased over the last five years according to TxDOT's data.

Speed related crashes, however, have gone up and down within that timeframe according to the TxDOT database.

  • 2010: 130 crashes, 24 speed related
  • 2011: 77 crashes, 13 speed related.
  • 2012: 100 crashes, 10 speed related.
  • 2013: 109 crashes, 24 speed related.
  • 2014: 109 crashes, 15 speed related.
  • 2015: 115 crashes, 18 speed related.
  • 2016: 180 crashes, 27 speed related.
  • 2017: 45 crashes as of April 18, 2017, 6 speed related.

To make an "apples to apples" comparison we go back to 2010 when the speed limit along Interstate 10 in Vidor increased from 65 mph to 75 mph and compare those number to the 2016's totals.

Although in some years the total numbers have dipped below the 2010 totals by 2016 they did increase from 130 crashes, of which 24 were speed related to 180 crashes, 27 of which were speed related.

  • 2010: 130 crashes, 24 speed related
  • 2016: 180 crashes, 27 speed related.

Therefore our viewers' claims that crashes have increased along Interstate 10 in the Vidor city limits since the speed limit was increased is verified.

Vidor Police chief Rod Carroll, who initially requested that TxDOT lower the speed limit, tells 12News they will live with TxDOT's decision.

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