Fears are running high around Southeast Texas with the recent murder of a pregnant mom in Beaumont and a post on Facebook warning young mom's to avoid Parkdale Mall is adding to those fears.

Today 12News verifies if there is a need for additional concern.

The post reads...

Everyone needs to avoid Parkdale Mall for a hot minute. Especially pregnant or single moms.

A man tried to break into my jeep with me in it and he was armed.

Mall security is useless and didn't seem to care.

This is the third incident this week and there are no cameras.

There is a huge chance this is in relation to gang initiation.

Stay away from the mall. This happened in middle of the day.

12News spoke with Beaumont Police officer Carol Riley and she tells us they have received no report of this incident.

That doesn't necessarily mean that it didn't happen so women should, of course, remain vigilant but there is no report of such an incident at this time.

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