Every year volunteers from Methodist churches consisting of mostly teenagers, converge on a town to do mission work. It’s called U.M. Army and they build wheelchair ramps and do yard work for those in need. David Broussard is one of those in need in Beaumont.

“(It’s) wonderful,” said Broussard, holding back tears. “The lord is good and he always look out.”

That work, partly done by Travis Spore of Lufkin, moved Broussard.

“I could really tell that we made a difference in his life,” said Spore, a 4 time U.M. Army volunteer. “And that it really makes the heart feel good. So even if we change one person’s life it’s all been worth it.”

In Jasper Wednesday the mission was to build more wheelchair ramps.

“It is amazing just to see it like from nothing to almost finished,” said Tegan Shepherd. “I can see the looks on our homeowners faces and they’re so excited, and it makes me excited when they are like ‘man y’all are doing a great job!’ and I’m like ‘aww thank you’.”

And for 88-year-old Richard Sadler, after 25 years of doing UM Army, he has found an even deeper meaning to the mission trips

“The end story behind this though is not how much we help the people in these towns, the end story is, we are trying to get the youth to give something back,” said Sadler. “We are teaching our kids. And that’s really the whole story.”

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