The Tyler County Sheriff's Office is working to determine who died in a house fire Sunday afternoon.

Sheriff Bryan Weatherford says fire crews from Woodville, Spurger, and Dam B all responded to the home on CR 4180 off of Highway 92 at about 5:30 Sunday.

Weatherford says the crews put out the fire and recovered the body afterwards. An autopsy is being performed on the body today in Beaumont to determine the identity of the victim.

The Tyler County Sheriff's Office and State Fire Marshall are on scene today working to determine the cause.

Norman Campbell has lived across the road from the trailer for fifteen years. He says he has never been as close to an intense fire like the one he witnessed last night.

"I saw a big ball of fire go out of there, and I tell operators we need a fire truck now," Campbell said.

Campbell says he knew the man who lived in the home but 12 News is not identifying the victim until officials come back with a positive identification.

Investigators found the body near the front door in the living room area. Tyler County Sheriff Bryan Weatherford says that the State Fire Marshall is assisting with the investigation.

"Hopefully once this investigation is completed we can bring some peace to whatever family may be affected by this," Sheriff Weatherford said.

Campbell says watching the fire consume the trailer was heartbreaking.

"I just can't believe the trailer went up that fast, you know?" Campbell said.

The victim has yet to be identified.