Work is underway to help smoothen the bumpy road along HWY 87 at Bolivar Peninsula.

TxDOT crew members are working to improve the road along the Gulf Coast.

Road repair has caused quite a buzz at Bolivar, but crews are rebuilding, repairing, and reinforcing road side barriers.

It's another day of fishing for Robert Broussard, he says he's en route to the shore about 3 times every week.

And just feet away from him are TxDOT crew members working to improve the road on Highway 87.

They are resetting concrete barricades as well as providing reinforcement with sand dunes.

"Trash and rocks will wash up and get on the road, there's a whole bunch of trash," Broussard says.

It's road work before rebuilding the new highway.

The ultimate goal is to raise the road about 7 feet above sea level, set it further away from the shore, and place rocks along the coast to help buffer the intense waves.

The total cost is about 11 million dollars.

Although refurbishing the curve is a small step to help drivers with this road rage, they're changes that will make it easier for those like Broussard, who drive this stretch every day.

TxDOT is working along with the Army Corp of Engineers, the General Land Office and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service.

Construction of the new highway 87 is set to begin in mid-2018.