Two Orange men accused in the beating of an Orange County man over spring break on Crystal Beach have turned themselves in and the family of another has released a statement while police continue to seek him and one other.

Deionte Thompson, 20, turned himself in on  a warrant for felony aggravated assault charges Friday at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's office in Alabama where he is currently attending the University of Alabama.

Daletredricc Wolfford, 21, turned himself in Friday afternoon on the same charges and had bonded out by about 4 p.m. according to a jailer at the Orange County Jail.

Morris Jospeh, 18, and Rufus Jospeh, 18, are still being sought by deputies on felony aggravated assault charges stemming from the fight.

Daletredricc Wolfford

The parents of Morris Joseph, 18, who is wanted on felony aggravated assault charges released a statement saying their son would not have thrown away all the achievements he had worked so hard for.

"It is our fullest intent to provide the best and most aggressive legal defense possible for our son, Morris Joseph, Jr.  We will protect and defend his future but we will protect and defend his integrity, more importantly.," they said in a statement emailed to 12News. (Scroll down to read the entire statment.)

<p>Deionte Thompson</p>

Kim Smalley, mother of, Noah Frillou, 18, who was beaten on the beach also emailed a statement to 12News on Friday.

"We want those involved to be found guilty just as much as we want anyone not involved to be found innocent and cleared," Smalley said in the statement.  (Scroll down to read the entire statment.)

The Galveston County Sheriffs' Office responded to the scene after a fight was reported but by the time deputies arrived in the area there was no fight and the crowd had dispersed according to Major Douglas Hudson.

Hudson told 12News that at the scene they did not receive reports of anyone being injured and only arrested on person at the time for public intoxication.

The Galveston County Sheriff's office told 12News previously that they received 600 calls for service along Crystal Beach during spring break and made a total of 36 arrests.

Most of the arrests were for minor in possession of alcohol or minors driving while intoxicated the sheriff's office said.

Four were arrested for disorderly conduct or fighting on the beach, five were arrested for public intoxication and five more were arrested for possession of marijuana according to the sheriff's office.

Statement from Morris Joseph's parents...

On the date of the incident in Crystal Beach, it is our understanding that more than thirty (30) teens and young adults were arrested.

The charges included Possession of Alcohol by a Minor and Possession of Marijuana.

Neither Morris Joseph, Jr. nor the other three young men with him were arrested or charged with either of these offenses. 

In fact, they were among those released and it was not until days after the incident that the allegations of a beating or these charges were brought to light.

These young men have worked tirelessly and with integrity throughout their entire academic and athletic careers.

Their accolades are well-documented.  

One does not work so hard for so long to achieve goals that many can only dream of only to throw them away so frivolously.

It is our fullest intent to provide the best and most aggressive legal defense possible for our son, Morris Joseph, Jr.

We will protect and defend his future but we will protect and defend his integrity, more importantly.

We know that the facts will bear out in the court of law and justice will ultimately prevail.

Until then, our family will have no further statements or comments on this issue. 

Statement from Kim Smalley, mother of Noah Frillou...

It's been almost a month and the 3rd chapter of our nightmare has started. Both new and old words/posts are being shared in the media.
We want to provide factual information and be clear on a few things. Everyone loses - or has lost.
Are we glad the legal system is progressing? Yes.
Are we glad that lives are potentially changing? Of course not.
Our lives have already been forever changed! From the beginning we have been saddened by what happened to our son and what can happen in this world.
Regardless of who, what, when, and where, he didn't do this to himself and did not deserve to be almost beaten to death - no one does...
People made those choices and there are consequences for actions. We also didn't choose who was involved in the assault.
We want those involved to be found guilty just as much as we want anyone not involved to be found innocent and cleared. We will let our judicial system handle it all.
A school, football program, community, etc. is not defined by the actions of a few.
WOS is a wonderful school district and community in which we have friends and work associates. None of these actions should be tied to a school or program.
Our family didn't ask for this...their families didn't ask for this...nor did the school. There are plenty of rumors/stories being shared at this point.
Thanks to a concussion my son can't remember the day nor days after to claim any innocence, responsibility, who, what, etc.- to which he has said , I remember nothing.
We only know what videos, adult statements, students from various other counties -even WOS students, have said - he wasn't involved in anything prior to the fight and was trying to move away.
I'm not saying I have perfect innocent children - they are human. If it was determined he was involved, nothing justifies almost killing him.
He was mistaken for someone else, hit from behind and then had multiple cheap shots- regardless of how it started and who did it.
I don't want this situation to turn into something unnecessary and cause more derision and divisiveness.
I truly hate seeing people and communities negatively affected that shouldn't.
We did not want, nor ask, for this and I will stand up for my son. I know anything I say or write will be picked apart but my only intentions are for those responsible to be held accountable.
I certainly wouldn't want an innocent person to be included.
As from the beginning, we are trusting the justice system. Please continue to pray for all.