Beaumont city leaders are gearing up for the May election. The mayor and all city council members have filed for re-election. Two positions will be contested.

City documents reveal Jude Paredez has applied to run against incumbent Mayor Becky Ames. The application was dated Thursday. Beaumont Enterprise archives indicate Paredez ran for Mayor in 2015 but only received 2% of the vote.

Former Beaumont Water Utilities Director Hani Tohme had filed to join the race but was disqualified due to his voter's registration status.

A second contested race is for the at-large seats. W.L Pate and Gethrel "Get" Williams-Wright are the current at-large Beaumont City Council members. Beth Gallaspy has also filed to run in the May election.

The at-large seats will go to the two candidates with the most votes.

W.L. Pate was out of town serving as moderator at a Texas Association of Mayor's Council members conference and couldn't be reached for comment before press time.

The other candidates shared their passion for being on city council.

"When it comes to local office, I'm a good candidate. I know how a local government operates, I know how to read an agenda," said Beth Gallaspy. "I know how to read a budget, I know how to dig in and ask tough questions. I'm ready to do that and represent the people of Beaumont."

Williams-Wright said her passion comes from a desire to serve.

"I'm not a rich person. Ok so I can't just donate here, there and everywhere to make things better," said Williams-Wright. "So I have to give of myself."

The deadline to file for the city election is Friday.