NEW ORLEANS – A group of protesters took to social media Wednesday to voice their views on President-Elect Donald Trump.

The protest, organized on Facebook, was planned from 6-8 p.m. After about an hour in Lee Circle, protesters took to marching in the streets towards to French Quarter.

Protesters held signs saying “I will not be silent,” and “No Trump, No KKK, No racist USA.”

At one point in the night, an effigy of Donald Trump was burned. The Lee Circle monument was also spray painted.

“I feel that Donald Trump does not represent me, as an American,” said one protester. “I feel like he doesn’t represent a majority of millennials and young people.”

Others said they feared for their safety.

“I just don’t feel safe,” said another protester. “If people could elect him that means that they share the same beliefs as him. That means they don’t want me in this country or think that my life matters.”

Large Trump protests were also reported in Chicago and Washington D.C.