Tonight, a Texas DPS trooper has been released from the hospital following a crash on I-10 westbound in Vidor.

Trooper Kenneth "Blake" Burman is a former Lamar University football player, who is lucky to be alive.

Trooper Burman has only been patrolling the roads for more than one year.

His brother, Kade tells us he’s recovering tonight with minor injuries after he was hit during a traffic stop Tuesday on I-10 westbound in Vidor.

Kade says he's relieved the accident didn't end with more dire consequences.

"But if the vehicle that's struck him, if the vehicle hit 2 or 3 feet closer to the left along the driver's door it very easily could've ended his life," Kade said.

Texas roadways can be especially dangerous, according to a study by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

52 officers were killed around the country during traffic related incidents in 2015, according to the study.

That study found more Texas officers were killed last year in traffic related crashes than any other state.

Officer Carol Riley with the Beaumont Police Department knows all too well these crashes can be deadly.

She recalls when a drunk driver killed Beaumont police officer Lisa Beaulieu in 2007 while she was directing traffic.

Officer Riley wants to remind drivers their actions behind the wheel can make the difference between life and death.

"People just distracted while they're driving, sometimes impaired, there's a lot of different factors. We ask you to take driving serious, um make sure your full attention is on driving."

That means lessening the dangers for motorists, including officers already putting their lives on the line for the communities they serve.

"Cause you know, they got friends and family too, and we'd like to see them at night time, or at nighttime when they get off," Kade said.