A brazen attack caught on camera that happened at the only convenience store in Sabine Pass, the robber pistol-whipped the clerk and took off with cash.

"I heard when he had dropped the gun," says Rebecca Dolan, who is still shaken up by the incident.

"I didn't know what it was until he got in front of me," she says.

That's when Dolan realized what was going on, the bandit with a gun was demanding money from her.

"He was hollering at me to give him the money so I just handed him the whole drawer," Dolan says.

She was standing right behind the cash register when he pistol-whipped her in the head.

"Then he was gone so I went around to lock the doors and keep everyone as safe as possible," Dolan says.

This dramatic incident happened on the 53-hundred-block of South Gulfway Drive just before the Sportsman Supply store closed its doors at around 9:30 PM.

This store is really popular among fisherman which caught many of them by surprise.

"It's worry some to come here and expect to have any troubles," says James Miller, a frequent client at the convenience store.

"It's very unusual to hear something like that happen," he says.

Despite this thief already identified by police officers, he's still roaming around at large, and it's a scary thought for the clerk who hopes he doesn't strike again.

"This has never happened here and we don't want it to happen again," Dolan says.

Risa Carpenter with the city of Port Arthur tells us that this is still an active investigation and that no arrests have been made by police.

The store clerk tells me that all she asks is for more patrolling in that area for the safety of her daughter, herself, and the rest of the employees.