The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a health insurance company which shows the major health issues across the nation.

The company compiled a list of data from 40 million health claims from BCBS members.

Byron Young is a nurse practitioner who works at Beaumont Baptist. He said he is not surprised about the report compiled by BCBS.

"I would like to think that some of what we see is some people are paying attention and are going to the local drug store and checking their blood pressure," said Young.

The report lists the top three health issues in the Golden Triangle as Hypertension, Diabetes and Depression.

"The culture plays into some of our challenges with high blood pressure and diabetes,” said Young. “Our diets are rich in saturated fats."

In Jefferson County, hypertension is the number one health problem. Young calls it the silent killer and said many patients are unaware they have blood pressure problems.

"Many people will report being particularity tired, having excessive amounts of fatigue and headaches," said Young.

Young said the best way to avoid these health issues is to diet, exercise and have regular checkups with your doctor.

In Orange County, depression and anxiety are listed as the county's biggest health issues. Therapists said they can vouch for that because they have seen an increase in patients getting treatment.

"We are getting the news out that there are services,” said Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Rita Drake. “People before would just suffer in silence, now they have a place where they can go to get help."

Drake said during the holidays she sees an increase in depression and wants family members to keep a close eye on their loved ones.

"Is your loved one pulling away from you or is your loved one talking about death or giving things away?" said Drake.

In Hardin County, hypertension is listed as the biggest health concern followed by depression.

Overall, doctors said Hypertension, Diabetes and Depression are connected with each other and can be avoided by living a healthier lifestyle.

To find out more health issues across the nation you can go to the BCBS website.