The gate to a barn on Helbig Road is locked tight but that hasn't stopped thieves from breaking in and stealing three horses. Two belonged to Malaisha Brewer.

Toot and Baybay were taken away in a horse heist three weeks ago on June 16.

Toot is described as an 11-year-old pregnant mare, one of its front legs has white hair growing where it was cut by a barbed wire fence.

Baybay has a tattoo numbered D6P3Q with calcium buildup on the front ankles.

A third mare has four white stockings.

Malaisha Brewer and her nine-year-old daughter, Kentiecece Elestine are frustrated their favorite animals are gone.

"If they want to steal horses they should go buy them instead where people sell horses," Elestine said.

Elestine loves taking pictures and riding trails with Toot.

Brewer is hoping the trail to Toot's captors has not gone cold. Brewer knows that Elestine cares a lot about Toot. "I've been working a lot so she's been riding it for me, then she got attached to the horse so it's her baby now," Brewer said.

Brewer says a report has been filed with the Beaumont Police Department. Anyone who has seen the horses is asked to contact police at (409) 832-1234.