A Beaumont man is dead following a shooting Thursday evening on the north side. His death brings the total number lives cut short by violence in the city to nine this year.

The victim’s sister spoke with 12News. She identified him as Cadathion Rashard Dill, 35, of Beaumont.

The shooting happened around 11 p.m. at the Pointe North Apartments located at 3710 Magnolia Ave. near Hale Street. Beaumont Police Sergeant Cody Guedry told 12News the victim died at the scene.

“We have several different leads right now. First and foremost you want to get witnesses and interview them and go from there,” said Sgt. Guedry.

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12News asked if this was frustrating to police to have so many violent crimes happening lately. “Yes, especially with all of the recent shootings we’ve had, it’s a shame and this really needs to stop,” said Guedry. “We want to get the message out that people don’t need to be doing this. This is permanent. It affects a lot more lives than just them. It affects families,” he said.

12News spoke to several people who live at the apartment complex who said they had no idea what led to the shooting.

A justice of the peace has ordered an autopsy. Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Beaumont Crime Stoppers at 409-833-8477.