The holiday season means online shopping and deliveries to several homes. Unfortunately for one Beaumont woman, a thief picked up two of her packages before she came home from work.

"I would not have thought someone would walk up to my door and just take my packages in broad daylight in the middle of the day," said Katrena McDonald.

McDonald lives in Old Town Beaumont on the 2400 block of Evalon Avenue. She caught the thief on her surveillance camera and called the Beaumont Police Department to make a report. The packages that were stolen contained makeup and a Christmas gift for her son.

"My son doesn't realize that his Christmas gift was stolen, but for us that was important, that was for our baby," said McDonald.

Beaumont Police said during the holidays there is always an increase in thefts.

"They'll follow around the delivery trucks,” said Public Relations Officer Haley Morrow. “They may be driving down the road and looking at front porches specifically."

Morrow said a good way to protect your delivered items is to ship them to your work or post office. Morrow also suggests buying a security camera for your home.

“Those security systems are what seals the deal when the detectives are trying to identify the suspect and of course identify a case,” said Morrow.

If you happen to get your property stolen you can make a claim with UPS, USPS and FedEx and get a refund up to a $100 value.