A teacher at Harmony Science Academy is struggling to balance work with traveling to Houston to visit her sick child.

Christy Goss’ co-workers and students at the school decided to help out by raising money for her travel expenses.

Her 17-year-old daughter, Destiny Goss is suffering from end stage Renal disease along with other serious medical conditions like dysautonomia and chronic ascending cholangitis. She also needs a liver and kidney transplant.

"You don't know when her last day is going to be,” said her friend Zachary Johnson. “It's also very terrifying knowing your best friend could die the next day."

However, Destiny Goss is a fighter and continues to keep her spirits up. For her mother Christy, the struggle can be overwhelming. She's a single mother of two and travels back and forth from work and The Texas Children's Hospital as often as she can.

"They have such a positive vibe, you don't ever get the feeling they are sick or struggling with a sick child," said Dean of Students Kayla Gregory.

Their Harmony Science Academy family decided to help out by selling t-shirts to raise money for medical and travel costs. So far, the school has sold 120 shirts and raised over $1,000.

"We are just trying to help out as much as we can because Ms. Goss is a dedicated teacher," said Gregory.

Destiny is also a stand out at school and admired for her passion for learning. Her friends said they hope to see her back at the Harmony Science Academy soon.

"You know I do go home and say a long prayer and hope she feels better and everything else," said Aleighia Bass.

For now, her friends continue to get the word out by posting fliers about their T-shirt sales to help the family during their time in need.

“She’s one of those people where she can do anything, she doesn’t hold herself a limit," said Bass. "She knows what she wants and shoots for it.”

If you want to buy a T-shirt to support Destiny you can go to http://www.booster.com/destineygoss or on GoFundMe.