It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for a state-certified vehicle inspector to conduct an inspection, according to Cortez Auto Pros.

Senate Bill 1588 is moving closer to eliminating that process and the $7 fee for drivers.

Raul Rivas from Buna has some concerns if this bill becomes a law.

"If you have unsafe vehicles on the road all you're going to have is nothing but accidents, you have people out there that don't care about other people's safety," Rivas said.

However, senator Don Huffines (R-Dallas) claims the inspection does not do anything to make roads safer.

Lupe Cortez, owner of Cortez Auto Pros would not mind the change.

He's seen in the past that some drivers will have problems with a vehicle and still get the car on the road.

"The responsible people with their cars will keep them up and maintain them but there are others that won't do that, they'll find a way to get it inspected without getting the repairs," Cortez said.

Rivas thinks this bill will carry some risks for those on the road.

"To avoid more tragic deaths on the freeway or any type of road, I think there should be a state inspection," Rivas said.

The bill was approved to 24 to 7 in the Senate. The bill is now in the hands of the House Transportation Committee.

Commercial vehicles would still need an inspection before registration.

The legislation would go into effect March 1 if approved.