The punishment phase continues in the trial of a Beaumont man found guilty of capital murder in the 2010 deaths of a Beaumont woman and her 16-year-old daughter in 2010.

The jury will decide if Joseph Colone jr. will face life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

During testimony, a former investigator from Jefferson county internal affairs told the jury she found a bag of contraband underneath Colone’s bed in his maximum security cell in 2015.

Kathy Werner found needles, razors,a roll of duct tape and a bag of skittles with medication underneath his bed. When she searched his cell he started yelling at her disrespectfully while encouraging other inmates to retaliate against her. 

Werner discovered other items in his cell like a rope made out of garbage bags and a piece of fence that was sharpened. She explained to the jury that these items are dangerous because they could be used to injure guards or other inmates.

The most disturbing object she says she found was a book about military war tactics which shows diagrams on how to kill people quickly. In one diagram there is a picture of a man attacking someone from behind. She noticed there were written words that said “quick death in three seconds” and “speed is essential" written next to the diagram. 

On another page, she noticed several sentences were underlined in a chapter about how to disarm guards.

During cross examination, the defense argued it was impossible to prove that Colone owned the book because another name was written on the inside. Defense Attorney Robert Loper explained the writing on the diagrams could have been from the previous book owner as well.

He also claimed the contraband items were not as dangerous as Werner described during her investigation. He pulled out the contraband items while telling the jury that several items appeared to be made out of plastic.

A recent incident involving Colone last Tuesday was brought to the jury’s attention in testimony as well. On April 25 Corrections Officer Sean Gallanger said he tased Colone after he lunged at him during a strip search.

Gallanger said Colone became upset when he started searching through his hair. He said Colone started resisting and yelling “I’m going to show you the real gangster, the real Joseph Colone.”

The jury was shown the video from the incident.

Debbie Beavers with the District Attorney’s office told the jury Joseph Colone jr’s prior convictions include robbery, aggravated robbery, robbery of an armored car and possession of a stolen firearm.

Colone also has multiple marijuana possession charges.

Several witnesses to Colone's robberies testified including workers from the C&S Arcade. Prosecutors believe Mary Goodman witnessed Joseph Colone jr rob the C&S arcade before she was killed.

The C&S Arcade workers said a suspect pointed a gun at them but could not identify Colone as the suspect.

The Prosecutors finished presenting their case in the punishment phase of the trial. The Defense will start presenting their case on Monday at 8:30 a.m.