Samantha Lugo is the mom of little 3-year-old, Gabriel. She tells 12News he is at the age of curiosity and because of it, she takes several measures when it comes to the medicine cabinet.

Lugo says those precautions will continue as he grows older.

"We keep the bathroom lock on with a simple lock that is easy for adults but not for a child." said Lugo.

On Thursday, seven students at Vidor Junior High School became ill after taking the over the counter drug, Coricidin.

A medicine found in the cold and allergy isle at King's Pharmacy in Beuamont. "All of them contain Dextromethorphan and that's what they are looking for which produces a hallucinogenic high." said Dr. Gred Hamby.

Hamby says extreme abuse can lead to a dangerous downside and could be addictive.

"The downside to that can be excessive blood pressure, excessive heart rate, you can have cerebral hemorrhage, you can have brain damage, seizures, and even death." he said.

Teens call Coricidin "Triple C" which stands for chest, congestion, and cough.

Hamby says teens are supposed to have a parent or an adult with them when purchasing over the counter medications.

Some stores have a policy that you must be 18 or older to purchase certain cough or cold medicines.