A Port Arthur teen remains on life support at Christus Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth following a shooting over the weekend.

“My lady came outside screaming that someone had gotten shot! Call the police! Call 911!” said Isiah Gipson.

Gipson has been living on Liberty Avenue for only five months where police say a 17-year-old was shot in the upper body on Saturday.

Gipson was walking back to his house when he saw the teen laying on the ground with a gunshot wound.

“I walked up and he was laying in the yard like that in my front yard. He was conscious. I could tell he was still alive.” He said.

Gipson told 12News he and his girlfriend are constantly hearing gunshots in their neighborhood.

Even though investigators have not released too much information about the shooting, Gipson said he was not surprised.

“Something would happen soon or later.” Gipson said.

Police have made no arrests in the case nor released a motive.