“I was just walking down the street. I first heard him call me, right here.”

It started as a normal day for 9th grader Ja’Brel Price on the morning of March the 20th. He began to walk, like he always does, from his house on 12th Street and Beaumont Ave. in Port Arthur, to his bus stop on Thomas and Waco.

“It was dark so I didn’t see nothing on the porch,” said Price. “So I just kept walking.”

Ja’Brel says a man called out to him in the dark several times from a nearby house.

“He called me again when I got to the stop sign,” said Price. “That’s when he grabbed the gun right there by the side of his porch, and ran across the field and came to me right here.”

Police say it was 39 year old Dacqure Deion Holmes who pointed a shotgun at the 14 year old. The frightened teen also vividly recalls the man telling him to take off his clothes.

“He told me to get down,” said Price. “Asked me did I have any money, and took my money and stuff. When the police came they found all my change all across the street.”

Ja'Brel later picked Holmes out of a police lineup and he was booked into Jefferson County Jail on Aggravated robbery charges as well as three other charges stemming from another crime. For Shanequil Williams, Ja'Brel’s mother, she doesn’t understand why this would happen to her son.

“My kids are real good you know,” said Williams. “They’re not the best kids, but they’re not thuggish gangsters, for something to happen like that to happen to him. It shouldn’t happen to nobody kids rather.”

Now Price says he wants to put the past behind him.

“Welp try to move on,” said Price. “Now I’m just going to worry about football, and taking care of my mom.”