A teenage lifeguard is ebing credited with saving the life of a 3-year-old boy at Smith Lake in Vidor on Sunday.

15-year-old Kade Grozier was looking around the lake when he says he noticed 3-year-old Max Ingle disappear underneath the water.

Ingle's mother says the boy's stepfather pulled the boy from the water and Grozier jumped in the lake to help. Grozier says the boy was conscious and assumed the situation was calm when he began walking back to the lifeguard stand. He said he looked back and noticed that the child became unconscious in his mother’s arms.

Grozier rushed back over to the family and immediately began patting the child on the back to clear his lungs of water.

“It was like a big rush of adrenaline was rushing up and down. I was out of breath when I got back to the platform and I saw his head fall so I rushed back to the family” stated Grozier.

Max’s mother says that Max is in great condition and is extremely thankful for Grozier’s help.

Grozier admits he doesn’t want to be in the center of attention but his coworkers said they are proud of him.

“It’s a god-send whatever told him to look in that spot he should be proud of the save,” said lifeguard Hunter Weir.

Atasha Quebedeaux who manages the lifeguards, said she is proud of the staff for all their hard work.

“I call them heroes not only for what they do here but just the work they do here and work ethic,” said Quebedeaux.

Grozier stated that he didn’t want to take all the credit because all the lifeguards works as a team in order to save lives every day.

“I’m just doing my job as a lifeguard that is what we do we are here to do for families and parents what they can’t do for themselves,” said Grozier.

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