A teen attempting to enroll into the Bridge City Independent School District's alternative program has been arrested after allegedly assaulting the Bridge City I.S.D. Police chief and another officer Wednesday morning.

The 15 year-old boy became combative on campus after Bridge City ISD officials told him he could not enroll without a parent or guardian and paperwork from his prior school district according to a release from Bridge City ISD superintendent Todd Lintzen.

According to the release the teen was detained by the Bridge City ISD Police chief and a Bridge City Police officer after he threatened the school administration and the BCISD Police chief.

The teen allegedly assaulted the BCISD Police chief and the other officer according to Police.

Police said the officers also received some injuries.

Jace Boudreaux is a senior at Bridge City High School. He's been a Cardinal his whole life, and says he can't imagine such a violent act happening at the campus.

"Kinda scared, maybe unsafe, do I need to stay away from him, et cetera? If something happens am I going to be okay?" Boudreaux said.

Officers say the student first confronted Bridge City High School staff, and later hit a school district officer before fleeing to a parking lot.

That's where Bridge City Police detective Danny Hodges engaged the young man.

"He's not a student at any of the area schools, I believe he was a student at Orangefield but that was well over a year ago."

Bridge City ISD issued a statement saying the student tried enrolling in the district's disciplinary alternative education program, but became combative when he was told he could not enroll because he did not have a parent or guardian with him.

Hodges says the teen had sort of disappeared over the past year.

"He showed up really out of nowhere, you know the school didn't have any idea who he was or anything else."

Students like Boudreaux are relieved he is long gone.

"Now that he's off campus it feels much safer," Boudreaux said.

The 15 year old is facing two charges of aggravated assault of a police officer. He is currently being held in Minnie Rogers Juvenile Justice Center.

The teenager was not enrolled in Bridge City High School, but was previously enrolled at Orangefield Junior High over a year ago, according to the Orangefield ISD superintendent.