A truck driver was injured when the hatch of a tanker he was checking blew open in his face Monday at a Winnie truck stop.

The product in the tank, believed to be fuel oil, blew out of the hatch and onto him according to Chambers County Emergency Management Coordinator Roy Turner.

Officials believe that the driver, who was working for Tideport Distributing knew he had a problem and had pulled over to check the tanker when the incident happened according to Turner.

The driver was life-f lighted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston he said.

The incident which occurred just after 1 p.m. Monday afternoon forced the closure of Hwy 124 and the evacuation of several businesses in the area of IH-10 and Highway 124 for

Some of the product seeped into a nearby flood control ditch according to Chambers County Sheriff Chief Deputy Gilbert Phillips said.

Omni Environmental of Port Arthur with assistant from a Baytown hazmat team responded to clean up the spill Turner said.