You might want to stock up on hand sanitizer, a recent survey shows the Beaumont - Port Arthur area ranked high in flu activity.

Stephanie Bridges is one of the many Southeast Texans with a now continuous cough.

"What didn't I feel," she exclaims.

"I had pain, soreness, dryness, pressure, and now I have a runny nose," Bridges says.

Just a few days ago she was really sick and she is finally getting better.

"Thursday it will be about 3 weeks and I'm just now getting over it," She says.

But she's not the only one, a recent survey conducted by Walgreens puts Southeast Texas on the national map.

"I think it's due to Harvey and so many people coming in," Bridges explains.

According to the Walgreens Flu Index, the entire region from Port Arthur, all the way up to Jasper has the second highest number of flu cases.

This was compiled using retail prescription data for anti-viral medicine used to treat the flu across Walgreens locations nationwide.

At Baptist hospital, this pesky bug is not rare.

"We are seeing more people coming to the emergency room with general flu-like symptoms," says Adam Howe, a nurse practitioner at Baptist Hospital in Beaumont.

Nurses at Baptist tell 12News that people are generally contagious a day before showing symptoms and can continue up to 7 days after the symptoms have seemingly gone away.

Now that Bridges has gone through this sickness, she hopes no one else catches a bad case of the flu.

"Wash your hands especially when you have kids," she says.