Summer break might be cut short for students at West Orange-Cove Consolidated Independent School District, this due to a possible calendar change that, if it is approved school will start in July.

"They can consider it, but I definitely disagree," says Gwen Smith, who has a grandson in the school district.

"I personally think it's a good idea, children lose so much over the summer break so they don't retain very much," says Delilah Mahoney, who also lives in the area.

A survey is being conducted to see if parents agree with the proposed change.

"This change would be inconsistent for the kids," Smith says.

"My oldest son has a mental disability, any time he can get mentally stimulated is a good time," Mahoney says.

One of the biggest concerns for this proposal is a shorter summer break.

"A lot of people plan a lot of things, family visiting and vacation time," Smith says.

"You can still plan a summer vacation, you just won't be able to plan it when school starts," Mahoney says.

If the calendar change is passed, students would get a break after each 6- week "report- card" period.

"I don't think they should add another burden to everything that's already going on," Smith says.

"If they need to start a month early, I'm for it," says Mahoney.

Whether you agree with the change or no, now is the time for parents to express their concerns.

Included in the parent surveys are calendars with 3 different options, so parents can decide which works best for them.

The district says they'll collect data from all stakeholders before they make any final decision.

Parents have until November 27th to complete their survey.