Sertino's Mid-County is a popular study spot in Southeast Texas, the empty chairs might make it seem like this is the perfect place to study, but when you try tugging on the door, it's closed.

“I came to study, but I was devastated because it was closed,” says Jennifer Zambrano, senior nursing student at Lamar University

Dozens of students like Jennifer Zambrano, made their way to Sertino's, just to find out that it's closed.

“I thought it was kind of embarrassing that they posted this,” says Zambrano.

Two signs were placed on the doors, and according to the signs, the landlord has changed the lock to the doors, the reason why “for non-payment of an 18 thousand dollar rent.”

An inconvenience that's keeping many students in a bind.

“It's pretty hard, the school doesn't have that good internet, and it's loud at home, next thing you know, I can't study here, I don't know where to go next,” says Raul Torres, a student at Lamar State College – Port Arthur.

For now, the only thing left for many of these students is to hope for the best.

“I'm a little sad because I don't know if it's going to open again,” Zambrano says.

12News has reached out to both entities and was unable to get a response.