Some students at Lamar University are furious after being charged $500 for the use of the Setzer Student Center, but it's currently closed for renovations.

Second-year student Salih Jabbar says it’s too much.

“$500 per person, if you multiply that by like 30 thousand students that are here, it's ridiculous, it's in the millions,” says Jabbar.

He says the student center's closure has been an inconvenience both in his education and his wallet.

“I'm very aggravated, I don't get to utilize what I'm paying for, $500 isn't cheap,” He says.

But students like Jorge Medina say the student center roadblock is for the best.

“They're going to make it a better place for us, and something we can enjoy better,” Medina says.

But it's not just the $500, Jabbar says the blue gate placed around the Setzer Center is hindering the student's classroom commute.

“Normally I can cut through the Setzer Center and be right in front of the building, now since they put a fence and closed the building I have to walk all the way around campus,” he explains.

Lamar University's Public Relations Department released this statement saying:

Lamar University is committed to providing the highest level of support and service to our students during the period of the renovation of the Setzer Student Center.

Careful thought and planning has gone into ensuring that during this period we will be able to provide the same level of support to LU students, student government, clubs and organizations.

We have moved offices from the Setzer Center to a number of locations across campus and are working with students to provide meeting space, dining facilities, special events and other support they need. We look forward to a new state-of-the-art facility to serve our students when the renovation is complete.

Those are adjustments Jabbar says simply aren't making the cut.

“Next semester if they're charging me for the Setzer center and it's totally closed, I want that fee to be waived,” he explains.

The new student center is expected to be complete by January 2018.