Students at Hamshire-Fannett High School got the opportunity to simulate the dangers of drunk driving. Wearing goggles that show teens what it is like to be over the legal limit, the students would attempt to drive a pedal car through a marked course.

However, for Dani Simien, his accident was no simulation. Simien spoke to the students from his wheel chair that he has been in since a drunk driver hit him nearly 10 years ago. But now, he is making the most of his situation.

“The thing that kept coming to my head was, hey you’re in a position to talk to the kids,” said Simien. “And talk to people and tell your story. So you know, I was like, that’s what I’m going to do.”

According Sgt. Stephanie Davis, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Simien’s story is one that she sees all too often.

“I think we see it ever day as law enforcement,” said Sgt. Davis. “You’re going to see people that are injured because someone else made the choice to drink and drive. I think Dani is a prime example of that.”

For the students in Hamshire-Fannett, Simiens message is an important one that he hopes continues to spread.

“As long as you know I can get one or two, I’m happy for any and everything you know,” said Simien. “I’m just happy God put me in this path.”

This was the sixth annual “Spring Break Bash” hosted by the Drive Smart Southeast Texas Injury Prevention Coalition and the first ever at Hamshire-Fannett. The school starts its spring break next week.