A Mid-County neighborhood on alert after three vehicles were broken into. One crime was caught on camera.

It happened in the 21-hundred block of Avenue N Wednesday morning around 1 a.m.

Surveillance video shows two suspects going door to door. The owner of one of the vehicles told 12News a brick was used to smash the window of her Audi.

The result of vandalism and neighbors on edge. “This is the first time that anything has come close to this particular situation.” Said Marcy Luzinski.

Luzinski says the suspects also went through her Jeep, but luckily she does not keep any valuables inside.

“We don’t lock it up because it’s a cloth top and we are afraid that if we lock it up then vandals could cut the top.” She explained.

Nederland Police Chief Darrell Bush says a suspect in that video could be connected to other crimes in Port Arthur.

Another car in the neighborhood was also found with scratches in the driver’s seat. Owners believe the criminals also tried to use a brick to gain access.

“We heard nothing and the neighbors whose car did get broken into, had an alarm on his vehicle and it went off!” Luzinski said.

Police are looking for at least one suspect for now. Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at 833-tips or contact the Nederland Police Department at 409-722-4965.