Lieutenant Ryan Cunningham and Lieutenant Morgan Downs with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office are working day and night cracking down the burglars specifically working on taking guns from homes.

Dozens of guns have been recovered by deputies within the last four months. “Many burglaries, vehicle burglaries and home invasions.” said Cunningham.

Cunningham told 12News street gangs are to blame for the crime spree taking everything from handguns to shotguns.

One of the guns recovered during the investigation is worth up to $25,000 dollars. “We had one that was a Colt .45 that was issued by the United States government stamped with U.S. property on it.” Cunningham said on Thursday.

Last week, Lt. Scotty Duncan stopped a driver on Highway 190 near County Road 293 with a stolen gun.

The driver was taken into custody. According to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, at least 13 people have been arrested in connection to the burglaries.

Lt. Downs told 12News they have had help from other agencies like Newton County Sheriff’s Office and Newton Police Department.

“We are working in conjunction with Newton County Sheriff’s Office and it’s a join effort attempting to solve all these burglaries that have been occurring.” said Downs.

Investigators say about 150 stolen guns are still out on the streets.