A starving horse is now recovering after being rescued by a Tyler county woman this afternoon.

Sherry Gates said she first saw the horse lying on the ground of her neighbor’s yard over the weekend.

“What is wrong with people, my god look at her she’s a wonderful animal,” said Gates.

Gates calls the horse “Sweetin” and decided to take care of her after she found out her neighbors were out of town.

"It's like a nightmare right in your face and she can't do anything,” said Gates. “She can't do anything to help herself, she can't even get up."

Gates called the Tyler County Sheriff’s office and then offered to buy the horse from her neighbors. She also decided to buy “Sweetin’s” baby as well.

This afternoon, Gates got a group together to help transport the horse back to her home.

"It's in my blood, I don't mind helping nobody,” said helper Jamey Fuson.

Deputies at the sheriff’s office said they do not believe the horse was neglected by Sherry’s neighbor. They believe the horse was already in a poor condition when the neighbor bought the animal.

Moving forward, Gates wants to make sure her horse is happy and has a great life.

"She wants to live, I want her to live, so we are going to give it our best shot,” said Gates.

If you would like to donate Sweetin's vet bills you can go to this website.