Parents and students of St. Anne Catholic School in Beaumont are among the first to return for the new school year. While most southeast Texas students are enjoying the last days of summer break, St. Anne students are meeting their teachers and making last-minute preparations for Thursday’s first day of classes.

Fourth Grade student Jackson Maloney is among classmates eager for the new school year to start.

“I’m excited I get to see my friends and all of the teachers and I’m glad I get to go back to school and learn,” said Maloney to 12News in a hallway full of activity as students went from classroom to classroom.

The new school year is significant for teachers, staff and administrators of St. Anne. The school, established in 1937, has reached two important landmarks.

“It’s a really special year, it’s the 80th anniversary of our school and the 40th anniversary of our community carnival. Everyone is really excited to get back to school,” Principal Alison Kiker told 12News.

Wednesday isn’t the official start to the school year. It’s a day of preparation for the official start. “Parents and students meet teacher, hear about the grade they are coming into, and then they go home and they come back tomorrow in full uniform tomorrow,” said Principal Kiker.

School officials say St. Anne Catholic School has had a steady increase in enrollment. Last year the school had 560 students, the 2017-2018 year is starting with 575 signed up as students.