Spring break 2017 has begun in Crystal Beach. "We are going to party all night long. Never sleep! That's what we have been doing all weekend!" said Katie Jackson.

Jackson and her friends came from Humble, Texas to enjoy their days off on the beach.

Krista Osteen came all the way from Tyler to enjoy some family time with her kiddos. "We went to the beach but it was a little cold for that so we went to Galveston to Moody Gardens." Osteen said.

On Monday, employees at The Ilander store on Hwy 87 say it's been busy with spring breakers coming in from all over the state.

"The weather has turned out pretty awesome and I'm pretty stoked about that. I'm just happy the beach is back booming!" said Reigh-Ann Landry.

Landry told 12News they do expect more people to come down to Crystal Beach throughout the week.

Deputies were also seen patrolling the beach on Monday. Park officials want to remind spring breakers to have a beach sticker if they wish to park on the sand.