Port Neches native Ruth Howard moved to Rockledge 5 years ago. Unlike some, she has experienced hurricanes before, in fact, hurricanes in Southeast Texas.

Like many, she has already gathered supplies. And it’s a good thing, there are many empty stores in her area.

"It's been kind of rough, my husband has been out of town on business and I talked him into coming home early. I think he thought I was overreacting until he got home and then he realized that I wasn't overreacting,” Howard said.

Southeast Texans like Stacey Mann are worried about family members now living in Florida... Mann has loved one's living in Orange Park, a suburb 20 miles from Jacksonville.

She worries for her sister Shelley, who lives less than a mile the St. John’s River, an area that could get a storm surge of up to 10 feet.

"I've seen some websites they are claiming it could become a category 5 again too, which is very disconcerting. So um, yeah I'm worried about them but just trying to keep them in my prayers,” Mann said.

Prayers that Southeast Texas natives like Ruth are thankful to receive.

"You know, we've all lived in places and watch these things happen in other places and it's very humbling to be in the middle of the situation now and to feel the love and prayers everyone is giving,” Howard said.

Howard tells us she is staying in a hotel with 3 of her children.