A Southeast Texas man has been found guilty of inappropriately touching a young girl in a Port Arthur sporting goods store last year.

David Humphries was found guilty by a Jefferson County jury Wednesday afternoon following two days of testimony.

He will be sentenced by the jury on Thursday and could face 5 - 99 years or life in prison.

Humphries originally faced two counts of indecency with a child after allegedly touching two girls who were both under 10 at the Academy in Port Arthur in February of 2016. The defense attorney asked for the two cases to be tried seperately. Humphries is also facing charges of indecent exposure for allegedly masturbating in front of a store employee.

He still faces a trial on the other charges.

The 7-year-old child took the stand on Tuesday and told the jury that Humphries touched her genitals when she was looking at softballs.

The girl's mother explained she was upset after her daughter told her what happened.

"My heart races when I think about this, mama bear wants to protect her kids," said the mother. 

The mother attempted to stop Humphries as he was leaving and another man tackled him and held him for police.

The first witness on the stand Wednesday was a former Port Arthur Police detective, Keith May, who testified about his interview with Humphries after he allegedly touched a seven year-old girl.

Assistant District Attorney Kim Pipkin showed video of the confession in which Humphries said the girl was walking towards him and was about to bump into him and fall when he reached his hand out to stop her and touched her stomach.

May testified that he did not believe Humphries statement was consistent with store surveillance video from the incident saying that in the video it appears that Humphries was following the young girl.

On cross examination defense attorney, Thomas Burbank, asked May if it was possible that Humphries and the victim crossed paths out of the view of the video camera to which he responded, yes.

When Humphries took the stand he denied that he touched the two girls and said he went to Academy to steal a Jacket and shoes. Pipkin said Humphries previously served time in prison for burglary charges as well. 

Another 10-year-old girl took the stand today and said Humphries touched her genitals and bottom when she was trying on socks in the store. 

She told the jury that Humphries winked at her and stuck his tongue out after he touched her.

Her father also took the stand, he said he was trying to pick out shoes for his daughter when the incident happened. When he turned around his daughter told him a man touched her.

"It was very strange to turn around and see my daughter white as a sheep looking shocked," said the Father.

Prosecutor Kim Pipkin said another trial will take place for the second charge of indecency with a child in the future.