Bring out the heaters, the blankets for the plants and the insulation for the pipes. A temperature tumble is set to strike Southeast Texas again.

Jimmy Oats felt bitter about the cold blast but he was still out shopping to help a woman in Beaumont prepare for the drop.

"My pipes are already wrapped up but I am a handy man, so a lady wanted her pipes wrapped so I had to get supplies to do it with." Oats said.

At M&D Supply in Lumberton on Thursday, a table was packed with supplies to help people stay warm for the next few days.

"Most of the stuff that we sell are like your faucet covers, your pipe wrap, a lot of people get heat lamps." said Tommy Jacks, manager.

Its a "fall in the fahrenheit" that Beau Hunter is quick to embrace.

"It was on the roof yesterday and it was pretty hot. I'm ready for some cold weather for sure." Hunter said.

Cold blast is forecasted to last through the weekend.