As a hard freeze watch remains in effect for Beaumont, several Southeast Texans are preparing for freezing temperatures throughout the upcoming week.

The watch is driving dozens of people to M&D Supply in Beaumont.

Sarah O'Bryan is eager to get her plants covered by this weekend.

"We came to get some of that paper cover for our plants but they're out so we're probably going to have to make another trip out here," O'Bryan said.

Mark Block from Orange was shopping for his relatives who are still rebuilding after Tropical Storm Harvey.

"My mother-in-law, father-in-law don't have insulation in their house, just parts of it where they're staying in the bed and by the kitchen. When you don't have the money to replace the insulation and sheetrock, in cold weather like this it's terrible for everybody," Block said.

General manager Rachel Diaz says items around the house can keep appliances warm if you choose not to go shopping.

"You can wrap some towels around [pipes], and just cover it really well. With plant covers, if you can't find plant covers, people recommend sheets," Diaz said.

O'Bryan says she expects the stores to remain busy while the hard freeze watch is in effect.

"I think people are pretty nervous about it we're not used to this kind of cold. And we don't like it, we didn't move here for this," O'Bryan said.

Beaumont Fire Rescue recommends if you're using a space heater to keep it clear of drapes or furniture.

They recommend buying one that has an automatic shut-off if tipped over.