A final salute at Claybar Funeral Home on Thursday for a veteran of the United States Army, 74-year-old Ralph Jesters.

"He's a brother. All of us vets who served, we are all brothers. Doesn't matter race, religion, anything. We are just all brothers." said Jim Rose.

Jesters passed away last month on January 22nd and was homeless. However, his title was never forgotten which is why people from all over Southeast Texas came together for a man who deserved a proper goodbye with full military honors.

"The non veterans that are out here feel obligated to pay respect back for what they served for us." said Emmet Hollier.

Jesters was inducted into the U.S. Army back in 1959 and served for nine years and six months. He was born in Coldspring, Texas.

The funeral service was led by Judge Nancy Beaulieu, who mentioned Jesters was awarded multiple medals and was honorably discharged.

Jude Paredez, a former friend of Jesters, gave him a place to sleep many years ago and learned of his heroism.

"He ran into enemy territory, opened up the walls of the hut and got a baby out. I always remember Ralph by that. He was a good guy." Paredez said.

Jesters passed away from a heart condition and will be buried at the Houston National Cemetery.