One association is breaking the mold by venturing out from the average 'steer show' and showing Longhorns and they don't do it to win money.

It's not your "typical" steer show as contestants step into a ring to show off their handling skills of their trustworthy steeds.

"They are beautiful and part of the Texas heritage," said Tina Dubose who traded in her high heels for a pair cowboy boots more than 30 years ago and never looked back.

Jodie Ging, who has been showing longhorns for four years and hauled eight through the gate today casually rattles off their names, "This is March Maddess, then we have Strikey, laying down is Leapy, a leap year lady she was born on leap year, we have Regina Josh, Jojie Girl, Flash Point, Fancy and Mr. America."

Kevin Rubel and his gentle giant Brent BCB, aka "Bubba," weighing in at a whopping 1700 lbs, have been together since 2007.

"He is just such a wonderful docile big ol baby," Rubel says.

"Its really nice to see a two year old walk up to him and a two year old can walk him around and he is just like okay let's go, I'm ready," Rubel said.

The handlers aren't in it to win as the children and adults entering in these shows do not win cash.

Instead they earn points and at the end of the season the one with the most points wins a calf, belt buckles while ribbons are awarded to the other places.