Soccer mom, Christie Hodges LeBlanc is worried after she got a phone call on Thursday about people going around pretending to be from West Brook High School's soccer team.

She says they are knocking on doors and selling items for an alleged fundraiser to west end residents and ripping them off.

"When someone is pretending to be us, it is miss representing our booster club and our boys soccer team." LeBlanc said.

The mother of three is also the FC Bruins Soccer Booster Club president and she explains the team raises money in other creative ways.

"We do have functions and corporate donations and sponsors. We are not actively going door to door fundraising." She said.

Beaumont police say the scam is considered a theft and want residents to be on the lookout for the phony fundraising.

"We want to encourage everyone that be aware. The time we live in now, you can't trust anyone." says Officer Haley Morrow.

Anyone with information about the scammers is asked to call police.