For four years, Camille has used the same gas station to fill up her tank until she started seeing strange transactions on her credit card.

"There was about $500 in fraudulent charges to a store I've never been to before," said Camille Theis.

After getting her money back , she thought she wouldn’t have anymore problems until she saw a similar charge on a different card.

"It was really frustrating, it was 3 credit cards in the time of 3 weeks,” said Theis.

Theis had over $1,000 taken from her but she isn’t the only who was affected. Jessica Mayfield experienced the same problem and saw charges on her card from Sugarland and Houston.

"You just don't realize how smart these fraudulent thieves are becoming and it was a little shocking,” said Mayfield.

Orange police said the criminals are unlocking gas pumps and putting skimmers inside to take credit card information.

“We think someone can open,hook it up and close it in thirty seconds,” said Orange city police captain Robert Enmon. “They could be right beside you at the other side of the pump and you’ll think they are getting gas.”

Enmon said they found three skimmers but won't release the names of the gas stations.

“I think it would be unfair and unjust to name them as the businesses that caused this because it could be other businesses," said Enmon. "We just haven’t for some reason been able to get the other skimmer on time.”

Orange police will continue to investigate this issue and said they haven't seen a connection between store owners and the skimmer problem. Their best advice is to keep a close eye on your credit and debit card charges for any suspicious activity.