Tiger nation taking over the streets of Silsbee on Sunday. Silsbee High School boys basketball team proudly greeted their fans as state champs after beating Brazosport in San Antonio Saturday night.

“We have been behind our teams for years and it’s good to finally bring one home.” Said Ann Gonzalez.

The Silsbee native owns a coffee shop on Highway 96 and made signs for the homecoming parade.

Another fan, Steven Bendy, drove from Beaumont with his daughter on Sunday afternoon. He stood outside to wait for his cousin, Trey Jones, who plays on the team.

“It makes you stick your chest out. I watched him grow and the Lord has blessed him and he’s been a great asset to Silsbee.” Said Bendy.

Once the Tigers arrived at Silsbee High School, they proudly showed off their gold medals and their championship title to the crowd.

“It’s a blessing to be going throughout this with my team because we went through a lot of diversity and we overcame it and it’s just a blessing.” Said Calvin Tyler, Silsbee guard.

Another basketball player took a moment to thank the people of Silsbee for all of their support.

“I just want to thank my community for coming out and supporting, showing their love. We just wanted to bring it back for them and that’s what we did.” Said Bruce Newton, Silsbee guard.

The Tigers beat Brazosport 89-83 making this their first state championship in basketball.