Witnesses scrambled for cover after shots were fired at a local convenience store at the 3400 block of Washington Blvd Sunday evening. 

A shot was heard at Diamond Food Mart while a store clerk, Munaf Maknojia, and a customer were inside according to Maknojia. 

"I was getting a customer and I heard shots so I ducked down and I told her to duck down." he said. 

Surveillance video shows several people outside the store running just moments after a gun went off.

Maknojia told 12News he believes it was a drug deal gone wrong outside the Diamond Food Mart store. 

"I think they were drug dealing and it didn't go as right I guess." said Maknojia. 

A bullet hole was found in the front glass of the store. Beaumont PD responded to the scene shortly before 6:00p.m.

No injuries were reported.