Friday was a very special day for 17 Jefferson County children who found their forever homes just in time for the holidays.

Friday was "Adoption Day" in family court at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

During Friday's festivities Mackenzie and Makai, who are twins, officially became Rachel Brown's daughters

"Yay its official...I have the official papers," she exclaimed.

Brown said she's always helped out with the twins as their great aunt but says she's switching roles after their mother couldn't take care of them anymore.

"I feel like the Lord blesses us to bless each other and there needs to be more people to open up their homes and hearts," she said.

It was a very special day for both parents and children as they began their new life as a family.

A total of 10 new families were brought together Friday and as they left the courtroom you could tell the parents had joy in their hearts as they walked away with their new kids

"The judges, staff, cops and CASA, worked really hard to place these kids with families and it was a success but we still need families to place children with," Judge Randy Shelton said.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective services reports there were 30,427 kids in foster care in 2015 and although that number is high Judge Shelton feels like he made an impact today.

"I was so excited last night about this event today it just makes you want to kiss a baby," Shelton said.

The new parents say they look forward to the road ahead with their new kids.