People are going wild to get their last minute grocery shopping done before Thanksgiving Day.

Hundreds of people running up and down the aisles of HEB plus on Dowlen road in Beaumont.

“It’s time to get fat and eat good food,” says John Bridges.

It's not the end of the world, it’s the day before thanksgiving, and many last minute shoppers are gearing up for that Thanksgiving Dinner.

“Everybody is like us, waiting to the last minute to get things,” says shopper Brandy Dattao.

According to, Americans eat about 51 million turkeys on Thanksgiving Day, and the average household spends about 56 dollars on thanksgiving dinner.

That's a lot of food and really long lines at the store.

“Lines were long,” says shopper Hannah Bridges, “there were a lot of people buying hundreds and thousands of items,” she explains.

I waited in line myself, thought I’d stay there for hours, but cashiers quickly handled things and in less than 4 minutes, I was done.

“If they haven't gotten here yet, they'll probably be here for a while,” says Bridges.

It's not just thanksgiving dinner these shoppers are rushing to the store for.

“Football, always football. ... Juan: cowboys? ... No! ... Juan: not the cowboys? ... Yes,” explains Dattao.

Despite the long lines, and the crowded aisles, shoppers are looking forward to celebrating a day of thanks with their family.

Be really thankful for what you have, your family and everything,” says another shopper, Linda Nash.

If you haven’t already bought your turkey, make sure you head over to HEB, stores will be closing at 2PM on Thanksgiving Day.