Leticia Morales lost her brother Joe in a car accident in October 2013. A month later, his friend Larry McClelland organized a benefit, raising money to put in a trust fund for Morales' children.

Morales says her nieces and nephew have not seen a penny of $13,000 raised from that November 2013 benefit.

"I'm really surprised because I really trusted Larry and his organization and, it's very hurtful that you would raise money for good intentions and then when the time comes, no one can get what they're promised," Morales said.

"I just feel like, he used my brother to raise money and other families and I guess he's the only one benefiting from it," Morales said.

Joe Morales’ children were supposed to receive the money in February but nine months later they have yet to receive money. The family is very frustrated with McClelland's actions.

"We just want answers, I mean we've been getting the runaround," Morales said.

If Morales' family doesn't get those answers soon, she says she may take effective action.

"I'm going to do everything in my power to resolve this whether it's legal action, an attorney, whatever I need to do. You know, because it has to be handled. You know, this is very unfair," Morales said.

McClelland declined to comment for this story, saying his lawyers are handling the dispute.