Picture after picture was shown on Thursday night of teenagers across Southeast Texas who died due to the number one cause of death in minors, underage drinking.

The Southeast Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse wants a solution for it in Port Arthur by issuing a social host ordinance.

Under the ordinance, people accountable for providing an environment where underage drinking occurs, can be cited by law enforcement.

"We find that kids are getting alcohol at parties. Even parties where parents drop their kids off and they think they are being supervised by an adult." said Ales Flood.

Flood is the coordinator for the SETCADA. Flood says alcohol is the most commonly used abused substance among adolescents in the U.S. and Port Arthur.

"The goal is to hold parents and other adults accountable for giving alcohol to minors and let parties go on at their house and not chaperone those parties." Harriet Mitchell told 12News.

Mitchell is a recovering alcoholic who was introduced to drinking when she was only 13 years old.

According to a survey by the SETCADA, 70% of high school students report drinking at parties hosted by parents.

47% of students report experiencing fights at parties and 26% of them report experiencing unplanned sexual activity.

Most social host ordinance citations are first offenses and over time and effort fewer police calls for service to home parties.

Most importantly, the ordinance would reduce the number of large home underage drinking parties and level of alcohol consumption at these events.