Community development block grants could be affected if President Donald Trump’s proposed budget is approved.

Those grants allow states and cities flexibility in how they fight poverty, like funding groups like “Meals on Wheels.”

71-year-old Dave Bean gets a meal for his wife Joyce once a day five times a week from the Nutrition and Services for Seniors group in Beaumont.

Bean is scared that President Donald Trump's budget proposal could affect people like him and his wife.

"When these people come with these meals they're happy to see this, there's a whole lot of people in Beaumont who don't get nothing, and if Trump goes through with this it's going to be bad," Bean said.

The president and CEO of Nutrition and Services for Seniors, Elaine Shellenberger says she's not sure if the cuts could directly affect her organization.

She says several locals have pledged to provide any assistance if it's needed.

"We just have a great community and I think we will pull together and take care of our seniors. That's what we're here to do and that's what our commitment is," Shellenberger said.

Bean hopes that commitment won’t be cut short.

"We really need this, but the rest of the citizens in Beaumont that are on this program look forward to keeping this program," Bean said.

The community development block grants, a $3 billion program, help fund more than 5,000 "Meals on Wheels" groups nationwide.

Shellenberger says they receive some assistance from block grants. She is not sure if her organization will be directly affected if the budget is approved.