With school approaching at Sallie Curtis Elementary school, a Beaumont man is anxious about the safety of students, he says students who walk to school could be in danger of moving traffic.

While standing at the intersection of Peyton and Parson Drive, the sidewalk suddenly disappears.

Homeowners around that area say that it's that lack of pedestrian safety that is causing quite a concern for those living there.

"That's the hardest part, are kids going to get make it home safe, or get hurt," Says Joshua Knowlton, father of 3 children.

And even while doing the interview, it's a close call while standing on the sidewalk, Joshua Knowlton has been working to make the area along Sallie Curtis Elementary safe.

"I've seen too many close calls," he says.

"When is someone going to get it, why should we wait for someone to get hit to take precautions, let us do it now sooner than later," Knowlton says.

It's the lack of sidewalks and crosswalks he's concerned about, while hundreds of cars make their way along Peyton drive, and children are out playing.

And for almost a year, he's been reaching out to the city of Beaumont hoping to find a solution.

"I've been clipped by a mirror and my kids were fortunate to be walking on the grass, so it gets really dangerous," he says.

And as school comes to start, he hopes measures are being made to make the road pedestrian safe.

"I don't want it to be my kid or anyone else's kid," he says.

Joshua hopes to avoid an accident by asking those who drive along Peyton Drive to slow down.

12News has reached out to Beaumont's Public Works Department and we have not received an immediate response.